Tuesday, 20 December 2016

You too tired to carry on an apartment a huge monster and constantly peretykat cord from the wall into the outlet? We all know already standing at the front door of modern lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners? Three years ago, after reading accolades about the battery upright vacuum cleaner Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner (Bissell) I begged my husband this toy. The store was only a model ZB 2901 like unbearably hot in a reply Smile, and bought it without selecting and comparing with other Electros. Bought in El Dorado for about 4000 rubles (2012).

When you move just a broken old with bag Bissell, he served for many years. Therefore, the battery vacuum cleaner was planned as the only one in the house. Check 4 but small carpet in only one. Plus a small doorway mat. In the kitchen, tiles in the rooms laminate and linoleum.

I was looking forward to going to fly in the new apartment is not limited by wires. As children are accustomed to work, using modern techniques. All my friends such equipment was not there, the board did not ask anyone, anywhere reviews have been one more beautiful than another.

Vacuums lightweight, highly maneuverable, with backlight. They are very convenient to use. And in the corners and in all sorts of nooks and crannies can easily penetrate. If not vacuuming the carpet, it is enough for the whole apartment without recharging, about 15-20 minutes.

Power is regulated at the handle, it is also very convenient. With light vacuuming interested in the dark, even better dust and debris can be seen than with light.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

And now the bad news.

1. Power is small.

Carpet vacuuming can only be svezhepostirannom filter. A simple conventional broom or hand brush. Or carpet we wrong, with too short and dense pile. Close nelipuchy collects garbage, but the threads of all kinds, not very good. Doorway mat cleans also by 3. With the usual big vacuum cleaner can not be compared.

2. The process of clearing the brush from the hair.

We have two long-haired daughter. Maybe someone in the family does not have such hair, then the problem will not be. Photos brush cleaning process to hide the quote is not the most aesthetic spectacle.

3. The process of vacuum cleaning of debris.

The original design called for that flick of the wrist garbage container is opened and removed all unnecessary:

In fact, this cover with your bare hands can not take just will not open. We have to use some kind of improvised thing.
But this does not make sense. Because the mesh should be cleaned and the fabric filter after each cleaning and in the process, too. We have a cat hair everywhere and always.

Filters become clogged quickly, and then the vacuum cleaner sucks all bad. That it worked well, at least 4, it is necessary to frequently wash filters. It's easy and fast, but I was annoying. I expected that I would just pour out the trash (and the seller in the store thought so too Smile) If the filter is not cleaned all the time, the large debris can fall back on the floor after the power is turned off.